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What to Expect at Your Visit

There are several things we will discuss during your first visit with our Beyond Health and Wellness team in Woodstock. 


Diet for Autoimmune Disease and Thyroid Issues

We aren’t looking for a clean up version or for you to have been “on your best behavior” in the days leading up to your first appointment. It’s important for us to understand your normal day to day habits and how you tend to fuel your body.  


How much water do you drink? How many sodas or coffee a day are you reliant on? Do you consume a lot of inflammatory foods like red meats, refined carbohydrates and sugar? These foods can be making your pain and symptoms worse.


Exercise with Autoimmune Disease and Thyroid Issues

You don’t have to pump iron daily to feel better but we do need to know how your cells are being asked to use their energy. What do you do for work? Is it sedentary or more heavy labor? Do you workout? Do you have children that you run after?


Lab Work for Autoimmune Disease and Thyroid Issues

You may have received lab work at your yearly physical or a previous PCP appointment but it’s not necessarily what we need to see for a true picture of your functional health. Though you may have gotten a pass in all areas, like cholesterol, immune, thyroid and diabetes screening, most MD’s are only looking for a “lab normal” result, not digging in deeper. 


We will take a look at multiple organ systems - your heart, liver, stomach.. And we will ask additional questions from those results. Are you converting protein the way your body is supposed to? Is your gut healthy and working the way it should? Is your Immune system functioning properly? 


Often lab normal levels, when placed into a functional scale, are far below what you and your body need. This is how you can have normal labs and still be suffering with symptoms and negative conditions. We want to know from a functional standpoint that your systems are measuring at optimal levels, not just lab normals. Our Woodstock, Georgia team knows what levels will give you the most energy and best quality of life. 

Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Issues and Medications

How are your current medications affecting your organs and cells? You’ve heard the legal-ease in those medication commercials, the list of side effects from common medications can be long, overwhelming and sometimes scary. The Beyond Health and Wellness team will also look at the long term and not as acute effects your medications may be having on your body and its systems.

Health History

We will also ask you a thorough list of questions regarding your health history. Symptoms and conditions you’ve been experiencing, treatment courses you’ve tried in the past, family history and more.

Our initial visit for our Autoimmune clients is not in and out and for good reason. We take our time to get to know you and truly understand a whole picture of your health and current quality of life. This allows our Woodstock team to get you on the road to feeling and looking your best as quickly as possible.

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