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How to Treat Autoimmune Disease

Our fully integrated office in Woodstock, Georgia has a range of treatment options. 

Every person is unique and based off of your consultations and lab work, our team will create a comprehensive health care plan to best serve you.

Common treatment services that you may experience include:


PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

This non-invasive device allows us to change how your cells are magnetized together. When cells are healthy, they are nice and round in shape and bump off of each other like floats in a pool. Cells in people with autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, and other functional issues stick together, overlap and aren’t able to do their jobs to maintain the body’s energy levels.


PEMF treatment changes how cells are polarized and how they move together. 

You will sit on a PEMF mat that allows an electromagnetic field to enter the body and spring unhealthy cells back into a healthy and round shape. 


This needs to be done multiple times for the cells to remember how they are supposed to behave but patients often feel better after their first treatment. This immediate relief is often due to cells becoming unstuck and being able to utilize energy in your body freely. 


MicroCurrent Therapy

The MicroCurrent machine is a small box, attached to electrodes, that you wear on your abdomen or back most commonly but may vary depending on the area where it is most impactful.  Every cell in your body communicates like a circuit board and functions optimally at a certain level. The level of function depends greatly on the charge of that cell being balanced. Chronic disease and inflammation will throw off those levels, affecting the functioning of the cell. Microcurrent Therapy allows us to adjust those electric levels in specifically targeted cells and organs depending on your condition and symptoms.


Patients that suffer from Hashimoto's Disease or other thyroid problems for example, are great candidates for MicroCurrent Treatment. We can program the microcurrent to address at the cellular level and reset the current that runs through the thyroid, allowing the cells to function properly. 


We can also help with other organs and systems that are indicted as areas of trouble from your scans.


Oxygen and Vibration Therapy

Cells must have oxygen to function properly. Our daily exposure to environmental toxins like pollution, dust, mold, smoke, airborne chemicals and more can severely limit our body’s ability to exchange oxygen. 


Oxygen and Vibration Therapy at Beyond Health and Wellness in Woodstock gives your body clean oxygen immediately, like CPR for your cells. This treatment course couldn’t be simpler to undergo. You will stand on a vibration platform with a cannula delivering clean oxygen to your body, giving an immediate boost to your body’s energy levels.


High Quality Supplementation

We would never send you home with bags of pills. Our first priority is to get your body ready and able to absorb and utilize any supplements that we may recommend properly. Based off your symptoms and lab work, we will hand pick a few high quality supplements, choosing things that your body is lacking or missing. 


Beyond Health and Wellness in Woodstock will treat you like the unique individual you are. You may experience some of these treatment protocols as a part of your individualized care plan from our team of professionals.  We have helped hundreds of patients and we are ready to help you experience the same magnificent results they have

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