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Knee Pain Sufferers Can Finally Find Fast Relief With A New Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment.

End Knee Pain without Dangerous Drugs or Surgery. 

Breakthrough Treatment has an Astounding Success Rate. There is a new, safe, gentle, and effective therapy for people who suffer from knee pain due to Osteoarthritis, Bone Spurs, Trauma Related Knee Pain, Degenerative Arthritis, and other conditions that lead to Chronic Knee Pain.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Knee pain can be quite debilitating, as it is one of the most used and complex joints of the human body. The stability of the knee is due to four ligaments, muscles and the actual joint structure. During the course of a normal day, the knee goes through a whole range of motions, from sitting, walking, twisting etc.

The knee also supports our weight in conjunction to the feet. Because of the abuse we put our knees through, there can be damage to the muscle, cartilage or the joint itself. Some of the pain can be alleviated with the use of anti-inflammatory ointments or tablets, more severe cases need medical attention for a more effective treatment while some patients have even had their knee or knees replaced.

These can vary from person to person and often range from occasional nagging to acute pain, or discomfort, and up to chronic pain. You may notice the following in your day-to day:

  • Inflammation of the joint

  • Tenderness around the area

  • Instability [knee gives way for no reason]

  • Locking

  • A feeling of grinding

  • Popping

  • Stiffness

  • Injury to the knee

  • Can manifest itself with body aches and back pain

We provide a Safe and Effective, New Choice for Knee Pain Sufferers.

Our clinic offers a NEW, Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical therapy protocol that combines the best of cutting edge medical treatments to not only help resolve your chronic knee pain, but also rehabilitate and stabilize the knee as well. To make sure that you have the confidence that you need, we’ve designed an extensive diagnostic evaluation protocol to help us find out if you’re a candidate for this care.

This extensive evaluation will give you ALL the information that you need to know before starting treatment so you can be assured if you will have success with your chronic knee pain.

Hear from our Knee Pain Patients

We offer several unique options for knee pain, based on exam results:
Rehab, Knee Decompression, and Shockwave therapy,
to give our patients the most effective treatment currently available.
Come in for your free consultation to find out if we can help you
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